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Access and Bursaries

For more information abouthow and why to apply to Trinity, have a look at our 'About Trinity' section.
Financial Support
At Trinity, we care passionately that Financial Concerns should never get in the way of students studying with us and making the most of their time here. We're particularly lucky that on top of the general Oxford University support packages - the most generous of any University in the country! - we can offer our students additional 'Levine Bursaries', of up to £5,000, to ensure that those students whose financial needs might not be fully met by government support or University Bursaries are still able to really make the most of their time at Oxford.
Follow this link to get the lowdown on the funding that is available to you from the Government and the University.
And in particular, have a look at the info on the Oxford Bursaries, generous sources of income for those in particular need of financial support.
This includes funding from the government run 'Access to Learning Fund' (ALF), for which home-fees students are eligible, provided that they have applied for the full maintenance loan to which they are entitled. To apply for an ALF grant please obtain a form from the Academic Administrator. Applications may be submitted at any time during the academic year.
In addition, the University Hardship Fund can also provide assistance to both home and international students. The Committee on Student Hardship makes awards on the grounds of unforeseeable hardship and may provide help in the form of a grant or loan, depending on the applicants circumstances. The Committee meets on a termly basis, so applications must be submitted before Monday of fourth week (Friday of second week in Trinity term). To apply, please collect a form from the Academic Administrator, and ask her advice before completing the application.
The College as well as the University is committed that nobody should find themselves struggling financially during their time at Trinity, and provides a range of funding to supplement that provided by the university and government.
The College is aware that household income is an imperfect way of measuring financial need, and so the Colleges Levine Bursaries are provided to assist students whose entitlement to government support, or to the Oxford Opportunity Bursary, does not fully meet their financial needs. Further details can be obtained from the Estates Bursar.
There is also a small Discretionary Fund for demonstrable academic financial need. It is overseen by the Senior Tutor, to whom enquiries should be addressed; these will be treated in confidence. Typically the fund is used in cases of financial need to provide small grants (£50-£200) meeting unexpected or urgent needs related to academic study, and which are not covered by any other relevant grants (e.g. vacation grant, academic grant).
The College also provides a range of Undergraduate Grants predominantly to support students academic work. These include Academic Grants to assist expenditure on projects which are of academic interest, grants for Language Courses, Vacation Grants and Book Grants. Many of the forms for these grants are available here.

These different sources of funding may appear confusing, and the order in which you apply for financial support is not always clear, so please don't hesitate to seek assistance if you have financial concerns!


All students are welcome to contact the Estates Bursar to discuss financial concerns, in confidence. Please also feel free to contract the JCR Access and Bursaries Reps if you have any questions or concerns relating to bursaries and financial support.


Never suffer in silence if you are experiencing financial difficulties, there will be funding available to help you!

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