Your JCR Committee



Hi there! I’m Nadia, the JCR President for this academic year. My role is to represent the JCR’s concerns and ideas at all levels of College, whether that be amongst the students, College staff and tutors, Trinity Governing Body or the University as a whole. I chair the JCR committee and general meetings that take place biweekly – please come, it is such an amazing opportunity and lots of fun to have a say in what the JCR does and how it spends its money! If you have an issue you want to talk to College about, any ideas on how to improve the JCR, or anything else that is bothering you, don't hesitate to catch me around college or send me an email - I will do everything in my power to help you and make Trinity JCR an even more welcoming, friendly, and close knit community than it already is.



Hi everyone!!!

We are your new welfare reps and we can’t wait to get to know you all better over the next year! The current welfare reps are Alessandro Pru (1st year PPEist), Tay Drummond (1st year biochemist), Tiri Hughes (1st year medic) and Charlie Cossins (2nd year medic).

Peer support will continue to take place once a week in the Pig and Whistle, but if you can’t make it feel free to message us (Facebook or email) with anything you’d like to talk about. 

Welfare Tea will be every Friday from 5:30pm to 6:30pm in the JCR. Can’t wait to see you all there for unlimited food and welfare love <3



We're Hope and Rachel, Trinity College's elected representatives for all things entertainment-related. Alongside BOPs laced with pure cheese classics, we provide JCR Community Nights every week to give the students of Trinity a reason to escape their work and come down to the Beer Cellar. All events are posted on our Entz Facebook page (below), and you can see what we're up to on our Instagram (also below).


Environment and Ethics

Hi, I am your E&E rep,Immy Hoskyns-Staples. Please read about some of the things that Trinity is doing regarding sustainability. (Sustainability Highlights)

Immy Hoskyns-Staples



Hi, I’m Geordie, I’m a second year Theology student and the careers rep for the 2018/19 academic year. If you don’t know what career path you want to embark on yet that is totally fine. There are so many that it is to be expected. If you would like to chat to about the different options then please message me. I will either be able to talk to you myself or put you in touch with someone who can give you a better idea of what different careers entail. If you would like any advice on anything to do with careers then please just get in contact and I will do my best to help. I am organising new events in college to help students with applications to internships and graduate schemes so please do come along if you want to know more about the process and get some tips.



I am Callum Brennan-Rich, second year physicist, and treasurer supreme of the JCR. As one of the triumvir I hold a third of the executive power in the JCR and should our glorious president become unavailable, as vice-president, I would assume even more power. It is my responsibility to create the budgets and manage the bank accounts which fund the JCR’s activities. Any major financial motions must be assented to in a JCR meeting. If you have any questions about the financial mechanism behind the JCR feel free to contact me or come and pay me a visit in Staircase 1 Room 11.

Callum Brennan-Rich


Academic Affairs

Hi! I’m Adrian, second year History and Politics student and your academic affairs representative. In this capacity I am responsible for improving the academic experience of students at Trinity, from chasing up late collections to conducting subject review sessions. I look forward to working with the college as well as serving you all in the coming academic year.


Equalities Reps

"Trinity College JCR is committed to diversity and the eradication of inequality and as such will not discriminate on the basis of a member's sex,marital status, sexual orientation, racial group, nationality, religion or disability. In the provision of services and facilities, representation or participation, the JCR will use neutral criteria that do not have disproportionate impact on members of a particular racial group, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, gender or disability, or of marital status, unless such use is objectively justifiable." - JCR Constitution

To see each individual officer and their role(s), please refer to the Equalities Committee.

Equalities Committee


Access and Bursaries

Hi, we are Bradley and Julia, second years studying history and HisPol. Our roles as Access and Bursaries Representatives involve widening outreach to students from our target areas in the North-East and Oxfordshire, by actively working with schools through schemes such as our North-East Residential trip. We are also responsible for various ‘inreach’ programmes to ensure that students from access-related backgrounds can thrive at Oxford and feel that their needs are represented by College. Another aspect of our roles includes providing information about bursary opportunities for students at Trinity. We are both committed to working with our JCR student body and College leadership to introduce new schemes and ideas to help change the ‘Oxford myths’ and create an inclusive community at Trinity. So, if you have any ideas or questions please send us an email or a message!

Other Officers

The JCR's Junior Officers are appointed by the JCR President to perform specific functions around college. Here's a list of the junior positions, what they do and who they are:


The ombudsman is appointed to investigate any complaints you might have against the JCR committee. The committee should act in accordance with the wishes of the JCR members - remember, you voted them in so they are accountable to you! The ombudsman's contact details can be found in the table above.