Your JCR Committee



Hi there! I’m Nadia, the JCR President for this academic year. My role is to represent the JCR’s concerns and ideas at all levels of College, whether that be amongst the students, College staff and tutors, Trinity Governing Body or the University as a whole. I chair the JCR committee and general meetings that take place biweekly – please come, it is such an amazing opportunity and lots of fun to have a say in what the JCR does and how it spends its money! If you have an issue you want to talk to College about, any ideas on how to improve the JCR, or anything else that is bothering you, don't hesitate to catch me around college or send me an email - I will do everything in my power to help you and make Trinity JCR an even more welcoming, friendly, and close knit community than it already is.



Hi, I’m Frankie and I’ll be your JCR secretary, and while right now that probably doesn't mean much, after my 15th email in one week I assure you it will start to. These emails will include, the minutes, agendas and summaries from JCR meetings, as well as housing ballots and other assorted JCR stuff. 


As well as all these emails, I’m also responsible for putting together the agendas for meetings with motions and ideas from the JCR, actually minuting these meetings so that you all know exactly what's going on in your JCR. I also coordinate with college about accommodation, organise the housing ballot, arrange the seating plans for formal dinners as well as just generally making sure the JCR runs smoothly by doing things like keeping the constitution up to date. Ella, your Treasurer, and I will also generally be helping Nadia to run JCR meetings and backing her up!


As for me, aside from my clear reckless disregard for my sanity given all this work, I’m a PPE Student here at Trinity. Find me in back of one of Oxford's many amazing independent coffee shops (never a chain) struggling through early modern philosophy or misunderstanding Nozick. Other than that, I can be found on the river pretending to know how to row, debating at the Oxford Union or nursing a drink in the Kings Arms. 


I really can’t wait to meet all of you come October, no matter what form freshers’ week takes. I'm sure you’re all going to love Trinity and our community as much as we do. If you see me around please do come and say hi, naturally I’m going to try and meet as many of you as I can, but I’m always available to answer any questions you might have or just to chat! 

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Academic Affairs

Hi, I'm Sam, a 2nd year mathematician and the JCR Academic Affairs Representative. My job is to help improve the academic experience of students at Trinity. That means I am here to listen to any concerns you may have about the academic side of things. If you have any issues, concerns or feedback regarding collections, tutors or study spaces at Trinity please feel free to drop me a message or send me an email. I'll try to offer the best advice I can, as well as being able to take up issues with the senior tutor if needs be.


Equalities Reps

"Trinity College JCR is committed to diversity and the eradication of inequality and as such will not discriminate on the basis of a member's sex,marital status, sexual orientation, racial group, nationality, religion or disability. In the provision of services and facilities, representation or participation, the JCR will use neutral criteria that do not have disproportionate impact on members of a particular racial group, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, gender or disability, or of marital status, unless such use is objectively justifiable." - JCR Constitution

To see each individual officer and their role(s), please refer to the Equalities Committee.

Equalities Committee


Access and Bursaries

Hello! We’re Max (first year BioMedic) and Alice (first year Lawyer), Trinity JCR’s Access and Bursaries representatives for 2021!

Our role involves working with the Access and Admissions staff with all things access – for both prospective students and current students! You’ll normally find us working on outreach events for our link regions in the North-East and Oxfordshire alongside our Trinity student ambassadors, hosting everything from Q&As and teacher training days to events such as the North-East Residential. Anything interviews, offer-holder days or open days related is also covered by us! For inside college, we’re here to listen to and help with any access or bursary-related concerns and ensure everyone, no matter their background, is comfortable here at Trinity. Please get in contact if you have any ideas for us which could help us to make Trinity even more accessible, and look out for opportunities to be involved with access work (we’d love if you joined us as an Ambassador in Michaelmas)!



I’m Ella, your JCR treasurer. True to stereotype I’m a second-year mathematician, so you’ll find me crying over problem sheets during the day, and in the college bar or bridge at night. I’m looking forward to a full plate this year, as rowing captain and netball co-captain, but I’m always around if you have any questions, just for a chat, or if you want to join rowing (!!!). Come find me on the river in the morning, enjoying our fabulous college lunch at noon and (realistically not in the library) attempting to study after my tutes.


As treasurer, I’m in charge of the JCR finances, so if you set up a club or become a society rep I’ll be the one reimbursing you for events asap. I’ll also make a budget and financial report at the start of each term, so apologies in advance for clogging your inbox. I’m the point of contact with college to make sure we get funding for any big improvements we want, and that our bank account stays flush and ready for some big punting expenses in Trinity term! Chat to me in college or shoot me an email if you want to know more or have any questions! 

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Hi! We are your three welfare reps, responsible for all your welfare needs! Our role involves organising welfare tea every week where you can come along for snacks and conversation! We work alongside the peer supporters to provide friendly and supportive faces. Throughout the term we put together lots of other events to help people meet each other and help you take a break from work.

We have lots of useful resources and can put you in contact with support that you are seeking. We work alongside lots of the staff to keep Trinity a safe, inclusive and - ensuring that you are best equipped to balance you work and lives. We are always available for a confidential chat, whether that be a walk or online messaging, and are happy to talk about anything and everything! Outside of welfare and degree work:


Rose: “Hi! My name is Rose and I’m a first year medicine student ! I’m really looking forward to the next year as Welfare rep and always happy to have a chat about anything/everything - you’ll probably find me rewatching Netflix shows or on a walk to Pret to avoid the mountain of work!”


William, (First Year Medic): “I’ve lived between Oxford and Galway for most of my life and have racked up over 200 ferry journeys. I like to be involved in a diverse range of activities and have picked up rowing this year, adding to my repertoire of water sports which include kayaking and punting, as well as dips in the river! Looking forward to getting to know you :)”


Caro, (First Year PPE), an international student from Germany and a peer supporter: “You can usually find me either at Leon's, fuelling my caffeine addiction, or somewhere around trying to juggle various activities. If you see any of us around, feel free to say hi and also to bring up any concerns or questions you have concerning wellbeing or peer support!”

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Hello, we are Lou and Gabriel, two 1st year English students, and we're the JCR Entz reps. In normal times, this would mean we would organise college BOPs and other events, like open mic nights, during term. However, at the moment we are running online events and look forward to things starting to open up again so we can enjoy some entertainment in person again! If you have any ideas for events you'd like to see or any questions about the role itself, please do get in touch with us.

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Environment and Ethics

I'm Kelsey, a 1st year PPEist, and I'm trinity's Environment & Ethics rep this year. I'm really excited to be furthering the work already completed surrounding Trinity's sustainability policies and practices, and look forward to continuing to work to make the college community more aware of environmental and ethical considerations. In particular, I'm looking forward to working to make sustainability a key element of freshers' induction at Trinity, and to seeing what more can be done to embed sustainability into day-to-day college life. You might see me around college with my guide dog, Lacey -- do let me know if there's anything you think Trinity could be doing better with regards to environment & ethics!

Kelsey Trevett

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Hi, I'm Alannah, a second year Classicist and JCR Communications Representative!

 This role involves communicating between students and college, whether that be from the JCR committee to the student body or vice versa. In practice this means updating notice boards and managing various Facebook groups and pages used by the JCR as well as managing our instagram account @trinitycollegejcr (have a scroll!). I also work closely with Julia, who runs the college communications. The pandemic has meant that we can't interact as a community as we normally would and so social media, particularly the Instagram account, has been a really lovely way to maintain the close knit community Trinity is known for. Once things get back to normal, it is also my job to document all of the amazing events that go on at Trinity - some of which are still continuing virtually! f there's ever any events you want to advertise to other students, something you want to raise awareness for, or even just want to share a nice photo of Trinity on @trinitycollegejcr, please do let me know!

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Hiya! I'm Debora, your Charities Representative.

My job is to ensure that the Trinity community gets involved in charity as much as possible, wether this is through fundraising or raising awareness. The main thing I do is organise a termly donation from every JCR member. This then gets split between charities that the JCR votes on. When I'm not a charities (or suspended students) rep, I'm a Spanish student. My interests include cinema, baking and attempting to learn how to crochet (the attempt is failing so far). Feel free to message me if you have any charities that you'd like me to highlight to the JCR, have any ideas for charity based events or would like to explain to me why my crocheting abilities are so poor. See you around :)

Debora Krut

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Hi everyone! I'm Josh, a first year PPEist and the JCR Sports Representative. As Sports Rep, I am responsible for organizing sporting clubs and events around college. This mostly consists of managing the sports budget and making sure any of our college clubs are able to participate in intercollege competition. I also am available to answer any sports or exercise related queries, so feel free to get in touch with any questions you might have.

Other Officers

The JCR's Junior Officers are appointed by the JCR President to perform specific functions around college. Here's a list of the junior positions, what they do and who they are:


The ombudsman is appointed to investigate any complaints you might have against the JCR committee. The committee should act in accordance with the wishes of the JCR members - remember, you voted them in so they are accountable to you! The ombudsman's contact details can be found in the table above.