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Mental Health & Peer Support

Who can I talk to?

If you have a problem you need to get off your chest, no matter how big or small, there is a wealth of people you can talk to:


  • The college's Welfare Dean

  • The JCR welfare reps

  • The JCR's trained peer supporters

  • Ruth Bradley, Zuzanna Pasternak, Holly Winch, Alex Carroll, Cate Moore and Emily Davenport are trained as a First Respondent for incidents of sexual violence: they can listen to any disclosures about recent and historic sexual violence and help you through any action you wish to take.

  • The University Counselling Service

  • Nightline - an independent listening, support and information service, run for and by students. The service operates every night from 0th to 9th week, between 20:00 and 8:00

  • The Oxford University Student Union's Student Advice Service

Peer Support TT21 Poster.jpg

Who are Peer Supporters?

Peer supporters are students in college who have had basic training in listening skills by a professional in the University Counselling Service. We are open minded and confidential, and trained in supporting various issues, including crisis situations, regardless of what they're in relation to.


You can come and see a peer supporter if you have an issue that you want to talk about, or if you just want a chat. There are no welfare hours, so it's nice and informal, and the peer supporters are available throughout the day to help out whenever you need it. Just give any of us a call, or drop us an email! We do also run regular peer-support sessions in college if you'd prefer a more formal environment.


Your friendly peer supporters are:​

Although we can't solve all your problems for you, we can help you along your way. There are a lot of support networks around Oxford - detailed at the top of this page - that the College Welfare system can put you in touch with. Peer Support is designed to be a stepping stone between you and these other places: peer supporters can help you work through your options and work out what you really want to get from any action you take.


Often though, sometimes just getting a work-panic or another stress off your chest to someone who is willing to listen can be all that you need. Peer Support is also keen to debunk the idea that only those with serious 'problems' require support. Peer supporters are there for everyone - and have been trained in supporting all sorts of issues (from friendship, family, relationships, change, settling in, academic stress, years abroad, identity, stereotypes and prejudices...etc.)


Remember: The same Code of Confidentiality that applies across the University applies to Peer Support and anything discussed, either formally or informally, is treated as confidential. Under normal circumstances, nothing will be revealed to anyone else without your express permission.

Peer Supporters
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