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"Trinity College JCR is committed to diversity and the eradication of inequality and as such will not discriminate on the basis of a member's sex,marital status, sexual orientation, racial group, nationality, religion or disability. In the provision of services and facilities, representation or participation, the JCR will use neutral criteria that do not have disproportionate impact on members of a particular racial group, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, gender or disability, or of marital status, unless such use is objectively justifiable." - JCR Constitution

Hey everyone! As Trinity's Equalities Representative my job is to make sure all students at Trinity are treated equally, regardless of age, disability, gender, race, faith or sexual orientation, so that we can all feel comfortable and accepted and maintain a healthy college environment.


I’m here to represent your concerns with regard to any element of equalities to both college and the university, with confidentiality and support, as well as be there for you if you have any problems at all or just fancy a chat – just drop me an email.

The Equalities Subcommittee

Alongside the Equalities reps, the JCR has an Equalities Subcommittee with representatives for specific groups:

Below are a WHOLE BUNCH of websites you can look at for more details on Equality issues. Keep an eye on the Trinity Diversity Events facebook page for lots of interesting diversity-related events and campaigns!

The JCR also has an Equalities Subcommittee

Equalities Links
The Equalities Subcommittee
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