Welfare Overview

The welfare team are here first and foremost to look after you, as students at Trinity, and provide you with anything you might need, from condoms to cake to counselling. Below are some of the things your welfare team can provide:



The welfare team consists of:


  • The College Nurse

  • The college doctors, Dr Knox and Dr Becker, who run weekly clinics in college and are GPs at Summertown Health Centre

  • The JCR peer-supporters, who run regular peer-support sessions

  • The College Counsellor, who is available in College one day a week

  • A student who is trained as a First Respondent for incidents of sexual violence: they can listen to any disclosures about recent and historic sexual violence and help you through any action you wish to take


So for help with any of the above, or anything else that may be bothering you, do get in touch with a member of your friendly welfare team.